Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Blog

I am crazy ~ I know! I don't keep up with my first blog, so what makes me think that I will keep up with this one? Well, I have had several posts I wanted to write about food that we have made, but I feel guilty only posting about food, so I don't post. Then the other day I was thinking that I really want to keep a record of successes, and those occasional failures *wink-wink*, that I have in the kitchen.

Here is my answer. I have decided to do a food blog. That way I won't feel guilty when I post about our kitchen creations because this will, after all, be a FOOD blog.

You may have noticed my pronoun choices in this post. I am using 'our' and 'we' because Big Bear has also been cooking quite a bit lately. He made the BEST wild mushroom risotto last weekend. I can't wait to post some of his creations too!

I hope you'll follow along, or maybe just check in once in a while. Which ever, sit back, have a cup of tea (or coffee), and enjoy. Tonight I will be baking for this months "Referral Baking". I'll post it tomorrow.


Sandra said...

Yeah, I am excited!!!!!

Diana said...

I am so excited for this as I love your RECIPES!!! Thanks so much for doing this:)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I love the new food blog!! I will be following along....that risotto sounds fantastic!!

Sending prayers for your Mom tomorrow!


Lisa~~ said...

Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your kitchen and hopefully you'll be better about posting your recipes than I am in posting mine.

3D said...

I love foodie blogs and this one is even better as I know you and have had the chance to taste your tasty creations!

Keep smilin!