Monday, March 16, 2009

Banana Coconut Bread

We had some bananas that were well past their prime again. Sometimes we go through a bunch of bananas in less than a week. Then we must get bored with them because we’ll have several left at the end of the week. Not that I mind. I like making this bread. Even Big Bear likes this, and he doesn’t like coconut!

I’m posting this again because there was some interest in what recipe I use. I had a couple of emails from people who wanted the recipe. I thought I would just post it here instead of going back through the emails. Lazy – I know.

The original recipe is from a bag of nuts. My mom cut it off a bag of walnuts 100 years ago. We have been making this bread forever! I have changed it up a little bit, but the basic bread is the same. If you are not a fan of coconut just leave it out. Add three tablespoons of milk instead of the coconut milk. Also reduce the bananas to 2-3. I add four because the coconut can make the bread a little drier. The original recipe also calls for granulated sugar instead of brown sugar. I like the flavor of the brown better. Which ever you prefer works well.

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Sandra said...

This bread is GOOD!! Thanks for sharing with us; Matt even liked it and he is not a fan of coconut :-)