Monday, March 16, 2009

Cozy Comfort Sunday

A week ago I tried my first ever pie crust. Remember this? The recipe makes enough for two single crust pies. I had one left so I attempted to make another pie. Big Bear asked for an apple pie. That’s good, I don’t like apple cooked anything ~ except applesauce ~ so I won’t be tempted to eat it.

I bought lots of apples (six pounds) on Saturday. Yesterday I pulled out the dough all ready to start rolling. Ha! HA!!! What a joke. The so called crust was a crumbling mess of butter, Crisco and flour. I couldn’t roll that mess out if I wanted to. Great! Now what was I going to do with six pounds of apples. We don’t eat THAT many apples.

I pulled out my faithful King Arthur Baking Companion Cookbook. I found a recipe for Apple Cobbler and Apple Crumble. When I saw the ‘secret’ ingredient for the crumble the decision was made. See the ‘secret’?

This recipe made the house smell like fall. It smells wonderful. I did try it, but still not a fan, not even with some of ‘The Captain’ in there. Big Bear says that it is really good. That is all that matters. :)

Earlier in the day Big Bear decided that he wanted to make his mac & cheese. Talk about a great way to spend a cold/rainy Sunday afternoon. In the kitchen making comfort foods.
Luckily I put the foil under the crumble, because it made a bubbling mess.

Big Bear's Mac & Cheese ~ YUM!!!

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Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

OMG.. that apple stuff looks amazing. Alas, Marty is allergic to apples and like you, I don't eat cooked apples in anything.. Still looks yummy though!